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Our mission is to provide hunters with only the highest quality deer products on the market today. We ONLY sell 100% pure deer urine with no additives or preservatives, just good clean urine. With over 80 years of combined knowledge from the originator, Vaughn Tingley, to us today, our deer products have withstood the test of time and have proven results of harvesting some monster bucks over the decades.


This enzyme formula is the most effective way to destroy human odor as well as other foreign odors such as gasoline, smoke and any other odors that would alert that big buck of your presence. Formula is safe for clothing, skin and hunting gear. Extremely effective. Available in odorless and earth scent.

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Use these cover scents to mask your human odor when walking into your stand and also it gives you the ability to blend in with whatever setting you are in, either an apple orchard, a pine forest or even a corn field. You can put cover scents on your clothing or sprinkle a few drops around your stand. These products are especially effective during the early season.

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