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How to use Deer Attractants:

The most important first step in using deer attractants is to scout out your hunting area carefully, looking for signs of deer activity. Once you have located where the deer trails are, use them to your benefit and erect your deer stand or ground blind off to the side of an active trail. You can lay a scent trail in your area a couple of weeks prior to your hunt and keep freshening it every couple of days to get the bucks aroused and on the lookout for that hot doe. Then the day of your hunt, lay down a fresh trail to your stand. It is important when choosing a stand site to make sure the wind direction is in your favor.

Doe in Heat is the “Hottest”, most effective, 100% pure doe estrous deer urine on the market today. This gets the attention of the BIG bucks in your area and brings them into your shooting range. Doe in Heat is most effective during the whitetail pre-rut and rut season. When bucks are in the rut, they are always looking for that one doe that is in heat. We have always found that laying a scent trail using a scent pad has always worked the best for us. There is a couple of ways you can lay the perfect trail. One way is to saturate a scent pad and strap it on the bottom of your hunting boots and walk into your stand following an active deer trail, and the other way that works great is to saturate a scent pad and tie it to a long string, then drag the scent pad behind you as you walk into your stand. Once at your stand you can hang the scent pad on a low lying branch in a well-placed location for that perfect shot. It is a good idea to give a squirt in the air every 20 to 30 minutes while you are on stand to keep the scent fresh.

Doe Urine is good throughout the hunting season to draw in bucks that are looking for that “ONE” doe that might be coming into heat. Regular doe urine also reassures other deer that pass by your stand that everything is alright. Pouring generous amounts of doe urine around your stand or saturating a scent pad and hanging it near your stand will keep the bucks passing through busy.

Buck Urine has many uses. It is a great curiosity lure that can be used all during the whitetail season. Bucks are always going to check out the competition in their area to see how he stacks up against them. Either use buck urine on scent pads and walk into your hunting area or saturate one scent pad tied to a long string and drag it to your stand. If you are sitting over an active buck scrape, you can dig up the dirt a little to make it look like another buck is invading the territory and then sprinkle some buck urine in it.

Buck Urine with Tarsal should be used throughout peak rut. Use buck with tarsal in either a mock or real scrape by digging up the earth with a stick and squirt the scent in it. You should freshen up a scrape every 3 days to make it look like bucks are coming through on a regular basis. Big bucks cannot resist checking out the intruder in their area and are prepared for a fight. If making your own mock scrape put it close to a bedding area and make sure there are plenty of overhanging branches around it.

Deer Musk Scrape Enhancer is a blend of deer glands, secretions, and buck urine and is a true all-purpose attractant. Although formulated as a scrape enhancer this product has shown in testing to be equally effective when used as a lure. This is something different than most other deer attractants.
Sow Bear in Heat is effective for drawing in boar black bears looking for a mate. Squirt urine on your bait station or stand location. For safety reasons, it is very important NOT to put Sow Bear in Heat Urine on your clothing or boots.

Freshening An Existing Scrape:

When you have found an existing scrape you would like to hunt over, add approximately an ounce of Deer Musk to the scrape and on the licking branch above it. If it is an active scrape you will see activity within twenty-four hours. The scrape will be “torn up” by the buck that is visiting the scrape and has discovered an intruder has been visiting there. You should re-freshen every three days or more often if it is rainy weather.

Making a Mock Scrape:

When making a mock scrape, choose an area with a well-used deer trail. Pay close attention to where you can hang a stand and the prevailing wind direction. The location should have an overhanging limb to use as a licking branch. Use a rake, hoe or anything you have to remove the debris where you want your scrape. Scratch up the dirt in an 18 to 24 inch circle and squirt Deer Musk around in the scrape and also add some on tree branches around the scrape to let the wind catch the scent to spread it around. Re-freshen each day until you see activity at the site. Then re-freshen every three days, more often if it is rainy weather.

How to use Cover Scents:

Cover Scents come in two classes, food scents such as Sweet Corn, Green Apple, Acorn and Wild Apple and masking scents such as Fresh Earth, Pine and Cedar. Use these cover scents to mask your human odor when walking into your stand and also it gives you the ability to blend in with whatever setting you are in, either an apple orchard, a pine forest or even a corn field. Use these in combination with whitetail urines to cover all human odor. You can put cover scents on your clothing or sprinkle a few drops around your stand. Cover scents are especially effective during the early season. All of our cover scents and food attractants are produced by us and are top quality and reasonably priced.

Multiple uses for Scent Pads:

Tingley’s Scent Pads are a multi-purpose hunting tool. Listed below are a few suggestions for these scent pads. Scent pads serve two purposes, the first purpose is used to help you cover human odor and the second purpose is when hung in trees or in low lying bushes it is considered a “scent wick”.

1. Saturate the highly absorbent scent pads with Tingley’s deer urines and lay down a perfect scent trail right to your hunting stand.

2. Scent pads can also be used with our cover scents to conceal the human odor.

3. Our scent pads can be used as a “Scent Wick”. Saturate the scent pad with deer urine or cover scents and hang them on a tree branch next to your deer stand or ground blind. Do not hang them out further than you can shoot.

4. Tie a long string to one scent pad, saturate it with Tingley’s urines or cover scents and use it as a scent drag.

You can use scent pads multiple days by placing them in a zip lock plastic bag after your day of hunting and bring them out again on your next hunting day. Freshen them up the next time by adding a little more urine on them.

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