All urines are 100% pure. No additives or preservatives, just good clean urine. The effectiveness of these products are unparalleled.

Doe in Heat Urine

Doe in Heat is the “Hottest” most effective 100% pure doe estrous deer urine on the market today. This gets the attention of the BIG bucks in your area and brings them into your shooting range. Doe in Heat is most effective during the whitetail pre-rut and rut season. Spray Tingley’s Doe in Heat urine on a deer drag or scent pad and make a trail to your stand. Bucks cannot resist the smell of a doe in heat. Once it has located this “hot doe” it will follow it anywhere. At your stand saturate a couple of cotton balls and place them in a key location for the perfect shot. Then just sit back and wait for the action to start.
Code Number Description Cost Each
4DHU 4 oz. Doe in Heat Urine $8.95
PDHU Pint Doe in Heat Urine $21.95
QDHU Quart Doe in Heat Urine $38.95
12GDHU 1/2 Gallon Doe in Heat Urine $67.95
GDHU Gallon Doe in Heat Urine $125.00

Hunter’s Packets

Code Number Description Cost Each
DHSP 4 oz. Doe in Heat with Tingley’s Scent Pads $10.95
DHDMSP 4 oz. Doe in Heat; 4 oz Deer Musk; Tingley’s Scent Pads $21.95
DHBTSP 4 oz. Doe in Heat; 4 oz. Buck with Tarsal; Tingley’s Scent Pads $16.95

Doe Urine

Tingley’s Doe Urine is 100% pure doe urine that can be used throughout the hunting season. It will draw in bucks that are looking for that “ONE” doe that might be coming into heat. Use scent pads or deer drags saturated with Tingley’s Doe Urine to lure bucks from a distance away to your hunting stand, then, pour generous amounts of urine around your stand to keep the bucks busy.
Code Number Description Cost Each
4DU 4 oz. Doe Urine $5.95
PDU Pint Doe Urine $14.95
QDU Quart Doe Urine $27.95
12GDU 1/2 Gallon Doe Urine $46.95
GDU Gallon Doe Urine $85.00

Buck Urine

Buck Urine has many uses. It is a great curiosity lure, dominate bucks will always check out the intruder in his area. Tingley’s Buck Urine can be used all during the whitetail season. If you are sitting over an active buck scrape, dig up the dirt a little to make it look like another buck is invading the territory and sprinkle some buck urine in it.
Code Number Description Cost Each
4BU 4 oz. Buck Urine $6.95
PBU Pint Buck Urine $16.95
QBU Quart Buck Urine $30.95
12GBU 1/2 Gallon Buck Urine $50.95
GBU Gallon Buck Urine $90.00

Buck Urine with Tarsal

Use Tingley’s Buck Urine with Tarsal when making your own mock scrape. Scratch up a sufficient area next to a well travelled path, then squirt buck with tarsal urine in your scrape. Big bucks cannot resist checking out the intruder in their area and are prepared for a fight. (DO NOT put this urine on your boots or clothing).
Code Number Description Cost Each
4BWT 4 oz. Buck Urine with Tarsal $7.95
PBWT Pint Buck Urine with Tarsal $19.95
QBWT Quart Buck Urine with Tarsal $34.95
12GBWT 1/2 Gallon Buck Urine with Tarsal $59.95
GBWT Gallon Buck Urine with Tarsal $105.00

Deer Musk

This blend of deer glands, secretions, and buck urine is a true all purpose attractant. Although formulated as a scrape enhancer this product has shown in testing to be equally effective when used as a lure. This is something different than most other deer attractants.
Code Number Description Cost Each
4DM 4 oz. Deer Musk $12.00
PDM Pint Deer Musk $34.00
QDM Quart Deer Musk $62.00
12GDM 1/2 Gallon Deer Musk $105.00

Sow Bear in Heat Urine

Sow Bear in Heat Urine is effective for drawing in boar black bears looking for a mate. Squirt urine on your bait station or stand location. For safety reasons it is very important not to put Sow Bear in Heat Urine on your clothing. Supplies of this product, as you can imagine, are limited so order early.
Code Number Description Cost Each
4SBHU 4 oz. Sow Bear in Heat Urine $13.95
PSBHU Pint Sow Bear in Heat Urine $37.95
QSBHU Quart Sow Bear in Heat Urine $70.00
12GSBHU 1/2 Gallon Sow Bear in Heat Urine $119.95
Tingley’s Scent Pads
Code Number Description Cost Each
PAD Tingley’s Scent Pads $3.50
Tingley’s Scent Pads are a multi-purpose hunting tool. Listed below are a few suggestions for these scent pads:

1. Saturate the highly absorbent scent pads with Tingley’s deer urines and lay down a perfect scent trail right to your hunting stand.
2. Scent pads can also be used with our cover scents to conceal the human odor.
3. Our scent pads can also be used as a “Scent Wick”, saturate the scent pad with deer urine or cover scents and hang them on a tree branch next to your deer stand or ground blind.
4. Tie a long string to one scent pad, saturate it with Tingley’s urines or cover scents and use it as a scent drag.

Comes in a zip storage bag. One pair per package.

Every hunter should have a pair of these while hunting.